30 Apr 2014

Treehouse Commissioned Wall

Detail Tree

Full Wall Collaborated with rattail .

27 Apr 2014

Human Habits

" Loving Strangers "

today there is no word of love to strangers.
 but affection for wealth, power, strength and honour. 
workers or those left the odd man in the world

 " No lip behind shrimp "

mouth that speaks ugliness and shrimp that felt most like not really happen.
justify the fact not true. talk about people, life and lies.

28 Jan 2014

Exchange with ADV51

long time no see this little boy, finally there is the opportunity to exchange work. he was adv51 . hopefully we can bombing again. check her work at http://www.flickr.com/photos/adv51. huphuphula

No Identity Behind The Mask

there is no more shame for human. Her cover themselves so as not to look bad. but behind it, good qualities followed by revenge and hatred that surrounds his self. no identity behind his attitude.