14 Okt 2012

Buku Karya Desarupa 2012

Buku Karya is a project by students from the Faculty of design trisakti, where we can actually more acquainted with the seniors and exchange ideas on an art. we can know character with each other. This book lasting less than two weeks. A lot of experience that i could get over the existence of this book. and this is part of my work with the senior

V for Vendetta & Cendrawasih by Lucky Ibrahim

 Niko Bhisma
Bonds Letter & Kota Tua by Bondan wibisono

 The pangalokz with the monster & the key of darkness by Dias/Litong

The Pangalokz want peace & Jembronxx king of the darkness by Riza Prawiro/oyoy

Deer holder peace & The Girl by Ranggi

It was partly the work of Buku Karya, Hopefully, this work will not be forgotten, I say thank you for my senior who has worked on this book. Respect each other. Enjoy!