30 Okt 2013

Lunchtime Exhibition 2013

lunch time is coming! This part of the photo exhibition in preparation before starting.

Video by Brotz

the opening night of the first exhibition we started well. with 40 track mixtape from fraw, dish of food and beverages, merchandise,catalogs, and also a free sticker from me. at the start the opening from ratta and the reading of the concept from daffa. the exhibition opened and follow with music performance from hamatra.

There are approximately 150 people who came to the exhibition. enjoy the work that we provide. I am very happy because my exhibition opening night is an awful lot of my friends are coming. and the visitors also enjoy this exhibition.

Video by Brotz

lunch time is finally finished. the time we spent together, havin ' a love that makes me will never forget this moment. I am grateful to the many friends who have supported these events, visitors and media partners who have made all this happen.and thank you so much for 15 of my friends who are involved in the event. next time I hope we can still make a show like this again. and havin ' a happy return. Enjoy!