27 Jul 2012

Big Jungle

One day in the forest area,Detective TaTaTa looking for a rare mushrooms.it belonging to the tribe pangalokz.
He goes through the forest to get the mushrooms were poisonous.Besides, pangalokz hunting Pan-cat and accompanied by his son called Little Pangalokz.

Pancat being drawn by pangalokz

The Little pangalokz being frightened, while big papa catch pan-cat wih the rope

Meanwhile, the skull fraw is tribes native of the jungle been influenced by pangalokz. He sent to catch the detective.Where ' s the detective have succeeded in stealing a rare mushrooms.he catch detective with eye in his hand.

But, The skull Fraw could not cathc detective, Detective of being craze resulting from poison,finally managed to get a rare mushrooms. and The tribe of pangalokz lost a rare mushrooms belonging to them.

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